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Flourish After Sport

Player Support Services is a confidential and bespoke service that supports retiring and retired professional and elite athletes who are struggling to find their ‘why’ in life beyond sport. What do you do next, when all you have ever known is the sporting career you have dedicated your life to and it seems everyone around you seems to have a different opinion?

At a time when so many professional contracts are being won, and others lost across the world, it might be handy to remember – there is an organisation who’s sole mission is to support them through the next phase of their lives.

Dr Simon Le Clerc
Managing Director & Founder at Player Support Services



What people say about Player Support Services...

Libby Fletcher BSc

Ex-British Tennis Pro

“This area is key to helping athletes through often difficult transitions to a life beyond professional sport and Simon has the experience to assist individuals grow as they seek a focused and planned future. As a former professional tennis player and now a WTA coach, I would have embraced the help Simon provides towards the end of my career. His professionalism and integrity will ensure athletes have the very best support needed to fulfil their potential as they move to a different phase in their lives.”


Ex-UK Special Forces

“I feel I owe Simon greatly for the support, understanding and guidance he gave me at a difficult time. His own professional status as a pre-hospital consultant, in combination with the many years spent as a military officer clearly reflect just some of the qualities of professionalism, determination, and most important to myself, life experience. Although not a willing person to express my deep thoughts and emotions, I recognised a connection by Simon to which few people could relate. This ultimately contributed to the confidence needed to pursue a future goal instead of, what I feared, giving up on life.”

Jon Winfield

Senior Army Officer

“I’ve known Simon for more than 20 years. During this time he has persistently shown his innate and utterly professional and personable approach. He seamlessly combines this with a deep-rooted ability to guide, support and mentor clients to solve complex and ‘wicked’ problems and to seek novel solutions allowing them to easily attain both their professional and personal objectives.”