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What do children ages 6 to 12 know about money? Well, not much! They have never earned any money and all they know is that they spend whatever allowance their parents give them. Our Sports Kids program which is geared towards ages 6 to 12, aims to teach children to appreciate money as a source of livelihood as well as teach them how money is earned and how it should be spent without wasting it. To cater to the young age of the course audience, we have based the course delivery on storytelling through the ‘‘Soccertopia Stories’’ and cartoon-like presentations followed by instructor-guided discussions.
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We believe that financial skills should be nurtured at an early age to help youngsters develop healthy financial habits early on in their life. These healthy financial habits will enable them to make wise financial decisions throughout their whole life thus contributing to their overall wellbeing.

The curriculums of our financial education programs include basic financial concepts, financial goal setting and the specifics of creating, implementing and maintaining a financial freedom plan. The core financial literacy areas covered through our Sports Kids program, which are in line with the guidelines of the U.S. National Financial Educators Council, are: