Dr Simon Le Clerc MStJ

Dr Simon Le Clerc MStJ
PSS Co-Founder
Director of Sports Transition
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Dr. Simon Le Clerc MStJ, PSS Co-Founder and Director of Sports Transition, is a seasoned Consultant/ Physician in Emergency and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine who brings a unique blend of experience to the world of professional athlete support.

Dr. Simon’s journey spans over 24 years of service as an army officer, where he operated in conflict zones across the globe. During this time, he honed his skills in supporting expeditionary and elite forces, demonstrating a strong commitment to delivering excellence in performance during high-stakes situations.

His dedication to advancing pre-hospital care earned him prestigious accolades, such as the MStJ and a Winston Churchill Fellowship, recognizing his pioneering contributions to the field. Beyond his medical expertise, Dr. Simon is also a trained leader and a senior executive coach, providing a holistic approach to athlete support.

Dr. Simon’s passion for athlete welfare was ignited by personal experiences of career transition due to injury and his daughter’s journey in tennis. These experiences illuminated significant gaps in career and retirement support for athletes, motivating him to make a real difference for them as they face the unique challenges of being a professional athlete.

Today, he works with current and former Olympians, NBA, NF, football, golf, tennis, rugby players, NCAA and academy players, agents, coaches, and managers, dedicated to delivering optimal outcomes for his clients.

His unwavering commitment is focused on delivering optimal outcomes for his clients, ensuring they navigate their athletic careers and transitions with confidence and success.