Injury Psychology

Injury Psychology Service

Injuries can have a significant psychological impact on athletes and their identity. Injured athletes may experience frustration, sadness, and anger due to the inability to compete, practice, or travel with their team. Processing the injury experience helps athletes cope with these emotions, reduce stress, and maintain a positive mindset during the recovery process.
Sessions help athletes maintain confidence in their skills, deal with pain, and reduce mental stress.
In addition, sessions will help injured athletes:

-Set realistic rehab/ recovery goals
-Create rehabilitation routines
-Adhere to treatment plans
-Manage pain
-Prevent re-injury
-Prepare the athlete for a successful return to competition

PSS recognizes the impact of injury on an athlete’s personal and professional life and the need for a safe place for athletes to express themselves without repercussions and face the possibility of retirement.
Injury management is an integral part of the holistic approach to athlete well-being.

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