Personal Mentoring / Life Skills Training

Personal Mentoring / Life Skills Training Service

Life skills training and mentoring can contribute significantly to personal development and success in various aspects of life. Often, an athlete has many more skills than they realize – it’s yet another one of the benefits of being an elite sportsperson! Occasionally, an athlete’s traits and abilities that helped them achieve athletic success may be counter-productive outside of sport.
Not only can career transition be difficult, but living your best life during a sports career is also challenging if you don’t know how to tackle it. It’s like being equipped with a whole toolset and not knowing which tool to use for which task.
PSS provides you access to a personal mentor whose mission is to help you deal with any issues you might face. These mentors wear various hats,’ from being a shoulder to cry on, somewhere safe to offload, someone to help you plan your next moves, or someone who can hold you accountable to yourself.

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